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Tuesday, August 3, 2021

Mestizo - U May Not Heard This (2008)



Gonna do a nice basic download this week, because I seem to remember this getting requested, me saying hit us up via email, and never hearing anything back. I couldn't find it for download anywhere on Google (aka anywhere in the known universe to most of us) so here it is. U May Not Heard This.

Well I might have heard this, and it's dope. I've spoken at length about Mestizo previously so I'll just sum up his work as edgy conscious hip hop with a strong West Coast flavor and the courage to be both street and artistic (like most of his fellow Galapagos4 brethren.)

Also I saw him with The Heavy Twelves and that was the last time I could hear properly.




Friday, July 30, 2021

Akil (of Oldominion) - Storybox All Stars (Unreleased)


Akil wasn't the most obscure member of the OD, but he was certainly not the most famous. With little known credits to his name, most indie rap fans probably just mistook him for the Jurassic 5 rapper whenever they saw him. Luckily, Akil's shelved rough album, "Storybox All Stars," has been recently uncovered for our listening pleasure! 

Akil was mainly a spoken word artist (originally from the Southwest I believe.) Unlike many spoken word artists, however, he knew how to incorporate his lyrics with the beats, as made evident by "Storybox All Stars." The album was produced in full by Smoke M2D6 and the atmospheric soundscapes really fit Akil's style well. The album was set to drop at some point but never did due to the hustle and bustle of life (no album art.) It's now finally out in the world however thanks to a lowkey Smoke drop. 

Just FYI, I omitted two of the tracks included as there is a chance this may officially drop sometime in the distant future. Enjoy!


Tuesday, July 27, 2021

New Music: Volume 10 - Ahkenaten


Not much time today, but be sure to peep this new lowkey drop from Blowedian Volume 10. I've only been able to listen once, but Volume is really pushing the envelope sonically and delivery wise these days. Always refreshing to hear from vets.


Friday, July 23, 2021

WhyKnows - Vinho Barato (2002)



We got a request for this one, an album that is one of the crown jewels of my CD collection. Existereo and Innaspace at their rawest and most original forms. Both have gone on to do great things, and this album certainly presages that. It's got that homemade flavor but displays serious skills and is as fun as hip hop ever gets with some of that trippy lyricism and stoney songwriting thrown in that Space and Existereo fans have come to expect and crave.

If you like L.A. hip hop and especially Shape Shifters you really need this one. Enjoy Vinho Barato!




Tuesday, July 20, 2021

New Music: MC Roughneck Jihad & DJ Awkward - The Return of RAWK



God there's something so creepy about Awkward's album art. His work with photographs especially tends to look like snapshots of the moment when a dream goes really, really bad.

That said, he's also a phenomenal producer, and together with underground legend and a personal favorite of mine as well they are MC Roughneck Jihad & DJ Awkward. The Return of Rawk is their debut full length album after a few singles they've dropped in the last few years. This album includes those four tracks, as well as two more songs and instrumental versions of all six, so yeah. Get excited now.

And do they disappoint? In my humble opinion not at all. I believe Trylemma actually reviewed one of these singles now that I mention it, so you can take it from us both that this duo kills together. Awkward has proven themself to be versatile to the point of it being a superpower, with the ability to work with emcees as diverse and varied as Open Mike Eagle and Megabusive and still somehow bring out the unique personality of each rapper with ease and style.

Especially in the case of these RAWK tracks, where Roughneck is well known for his choice of beats composed of dusty grimy boom bap samples, and Awkward traffics in electronic, drippy tripped out synths. Unexpectedly, this combos effectiveness is undeniable. They bring out in each other alternate personalities, especially in the case of Jihad. These songs display a new side of the rapper, who's eclectic vocabulary and flawless poetic sensibilities straight up deserve the polished and professional beats served up here. Dope as hell.

So with all the great music Roughneck has put out lately, I have to say this and The Little Assassins Handbook are absolute gold, and the rest are great too. We're talking about a rapper who's first official album came out in 1993 so the fact that he's still killing it two decades later is pretty damn awesome.

Get The Return of RAWK from Bandcamp here or here (depending who you want to send some cash too I guess), and if you're so inclined you can cop the vinyl straight from the source right here.

Friday, July 16, 2021

Audio Visual / Groundworks - Promo CD (2002)



My friends... I'm back after my computer decided to unexpectedly give up the ghost (actually while typing my Friday post last week). Trylemma stepped up with an awesome tribute to the late Gift of Gab though so thanks for that.

I was real excited about this one. I'm a bit of a collector of international hip hop, and one part of the world that's really interested me is Africa. Specifically the South African scene produces rap with mind boggling lyricism, often trippy electro dub step influenced production and pretty solid songwriting with catchy hooks. I first heard "((stereo(type))" by Groundworks on a release by the Chukchee and found it very novel and dope, the intricacies of the writing were notable and it just had a personality that I had never come into contact with before.

I'm not even going to pretend to know much about the folks involved in this. The guy who sent me this, who goes by subzzee was extremely knowledgeable and really really helpful, so big ups to him. But for the sake of ease I'm just linking the Discogs for these guys. Check it out for solid info.

I will give a nod to the late Ben Sharpa aka Kaptin aka Oh Kaptin My Kap'n, who passed away at an insanely young age back in 2018, as well as Hueman who died in 2004.

Anyway enjoy this little "business card" promo of South African rap.



 Oh yeah, and I'm desperately searching for a download of the Groundworks full length album "Demolition: The MeStory" so if you got it...

Tuesday, July 13, 2021

New Music: Toussaint Morrison - Social Science Club


Toussaint Morrison, one of my favorite rappers, has been busy recently. He's become a pretty established social activist worker in the Midwest, he's shooting and acting in several sitcoms, and, amidst it all, he managed to quietly drop a new solo album entitled "Social Science Club."

"Social Science Club," an album that Toussaint has been teasing for years, dropped back in May, but I didn't even catch wind of its drop until a couple of weeks ago. At 24 tracks long (and about 90 minutes in runtime,) I didn't have time to fully listen to it until recently. Suffice to say, it was worth the wait. 

Toussaint thrives in lyricism and story-telling, so you shouldn't be worried about the long runtime. Toussaint really needs it in order to tell the stories he wants to here, which are perfectly interwoven tales from his personal life as well as those from the greater social and political scenes of the time. Loss, tragedy, romance, and triumph are all covered here. While the lyrics take front seat, Toussaint, a very talented singer as well as rapper, comes full force with the vibrant poppy production as well as the infectious melodies. A very complete album worth your time. 

If you're a fan of Toussaint or interested in Midwest Hip Hop, be sure to peep this. You can stream the whole thing via Spotify HERE