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Sunday, January 7, 2024

Goodbye...? (UPDATED)


 Update:  Note from Trylemma at the end. 

Damn, it really wasn't my intention for this to be depressing, but that meme is giving me the feels...

So the more cynical among you probably saw this coming with the reduced frequency of postings and the long holiday break we had. But I couldn't just leave it with us disappearing (from here at least) without providing an explanation and saying a few words, which you all know by now I enjoy doing.

The reason behind this isn't what you might think. I'm going to be purposefully vague in case Trylemma wants to add anything on a more personal note to what I'm writing, but a bit before Thanksgiving he was hospitalized with serious health issues. He has not had it easy since then, and as much as I know he loves doing this blog, the seriousness and dedication with which we run it is not possible to maintain when you're literally dealing with life and death issues (yes, it is like that. So allow me to be pretty serious below.)

This blog has always been a partnership. Trylemma provided the energy and the motivation to make this what it was. He tracked down many of the rarities we post, he corresponded with artists and other fans and got us the attention that we did manage to get through other social media avenues. Dude's amazing at this, and both his knowledge and love of hip hop is, IMHO unparalleled. At the risk of sounding sappy, he's a true friend and doing this blog without his contributions would not only not be the same, I flat out don't think it would work because for me it needs to be fun, and the fun from this came from that partnership. It's been a cool five years (damn it really has been that long) for me and I want to thank him for that sincerely.

I also want to thank those of you who tuned in weekly, commented, requested, spammed our C-box with potty humor, all of it (some of you more than others but whatever). This blog was my first time really experiencing how the internet can bring people from all over the world together through a common interest, I was really that tech naive. It still amazes and humbles me that we were getting so many people from so many different countries and continents and islands on such a regular basis, and I really appreciate all of you and thank you for your interest.

And finally, to all the artists who sent us music to review, or read our reviews and reposted elsewhere, or got irritated by what we posted, thank you as well. Indie rap is IMO so unique in that I believe it is a music fan's music. Think about it, with sampling or some of the more intrepid producers you might have an album with elements from every genre of music, being bent and formed and united through poetry. It's such a mind-blowingly cool concept for a music nerd like myself who really does enjoy almost all of it. And anyway that means that from artists to fans we all just love music enough to dedicate our time, energy and money to experiencing it and sharing it. Indie rap artists are the fucking realest, and every single one of them I corresponded with through UGF was kind, humble, intelligent and clearly doing this for the love. So thank you to all of you, you know who you are.

So this is it for now. I won't say UGF will never be back, but it sounds like for at least the next year Trylemma is going to be fighting and that's gotta take center stage. I will continue as much as I'm able to maintain the download links that I provided and where possible his as well. In addition, you can all still hit me up with requests via email, the chatbox is not going to be the best place as I probably won't be viewing this page much.

So let's all send out good vibes to Trylemma for a safe and quick recovery! I don't know how closely he'll be monitoring what's posted here but I will relay any personal messages anyone wants to submit via comment, and he sees our emails as well.

Thanks again and pump up the volume!

-Dimxsk (01/07/2024)

NOTE FROM TRYLEMMA: First off, thanks for all the kind words on here, via email, and via Instagram. The short story is that a couple days before (American) Thanksgiving, I stopped by the hospital to get some swelling checked out in my thighs and leg. Over the next 24 hours, I was admitted to the hospital, had multiple tests and scans done, given multiple blood transfusions, and ultimately diagnosed with end stage cirrhosis liver disease. The next month was sort of a dreamscape as I spent most of it in a hospital bed, undergoing multiple biopsies, procedures, tests, and surgeries (including a brutal 9 hour one.) Despite having an amazing liver team, the tests were ultimately unable to determine the cause of the disease - I've never drank alcohol, no fatty liver, no autoimmune issues, no hepatitis, no signs of rarer issues, and I'm relatively young at 33. The doctors think it was something I contracted when I was young and slowly damaged my liver without sign, and then disappeared before the symptoms came on. 

Despite this pretty life changing news - I can't help but feel grateful. First of all, even though it was far too late for any preventative measures to occur, I am very happy I went in when I did. The swelling was the first visible symptom - but the rest quickly followed in the days to come. Most notably, I became very anemic, leading to needing transfusions of different types almost daily. At one point I couldn't stand up without passing out. My appetite also disappeared and my muscle mass began to waste very very fast. I was set to fly across the country the next day for the holidays - something that could have ended very badly. I also have the best team of liver doctors (and GI doctors) working on my case at the best hospital in the state. My family, which includes a physician, nurse practitioner, and RN, have been supportive, especially in walking me through things such as daily blood tests. I also realize that despite my illness, I still have it better than a lot of people out there, so it's hard to complain. 

I am finally out of the hospital (for now, knock on wood) and trying to digest the past month, as I look into liver transplant (which is one of, if not the, most difficult organ transplants) options. I unfortunately don't really have time for UGF right now. I wanna give a huge thanks to Dimxsk for keeping this alive for its run. There's no one I love talking music more with than him. He was also a huge source of support while I was in the hospital - something I won't forget. With that said, the end never needs to be the end - and UGF signing off for now doesn't mean it won't return sometime down the line. Maybe one day the underground gods will resurrect us alongside GhettoTylitt, ThisIsForTheHustlers, Beetbak, TilInfinity, RecordScience, Ludz, and all the other greats! 


Hey! For those who still follow, please see the update HERE. (Includes some info on exclusive tape only one press time only no digital release.) 

Friday, October 20, 2023

Gone Ice Fishin'



That's us...

Be back the first week of 2024, we decided to take the holiday season off! But don't worry, UGF is about as retired as Moka Only is when he says he's retired...

Friday, October 13, 2023

Dave Dub - Skywalking (2013)



I asked Trylemma what I should post and he said "some rare San Jose shit" to paraphrase. So here you go! A number of different versions of this exist with different B-sides. All are dope. Dave Dub really exemplifies why SJ puts out some of the most interesting hip hop in the Bay Area. Gritty, meaningful and experimental. Never boring, never easy, never expected. Enjoy Skywalking!





Saturday, October 7, 2023

Trylemma's Spooky Dooky Halloween Mixtape V2


It's that time of year again! 


1. Onry Ozzborn - Intro

2. Wool See - Midsommar

3. The Mighty Underdogs - Monster

4. Awol One & Mascaria - Wolfman

5. Earlybirds - Walking Dead

6. Meyer Wolfsheim - Haunted Soiree

7. Duella Deville (Nebz Supreme) - Full Moon Rising

8. Signor Benedick The Moor - Halloween Song

9. Port Authority - Werewolves

10. Moe Pope & Rain - Gotham

11. Genghis Khan - Friday The 13th

12. Die Young & Deeskee - Vampire Hunter

13. Del Tha Funkee Homosapien & Bukue One - Horror Slides

14. Circus - Jason Voorhees Wont Stop Dien

15. Debmaster - March Of The Monsters

16. Azrael The Silent Angel - Gothic Horror

17. Swamp Thing Feat. More or Les, Wordburglar & Jesse Dangerously - Monster Island

18. Cookbook & Uno Mas - Monster Mosh

19. Noah23 - Blood

20. Extra Kool - Haunted Hill

21. Free Daps Feat. E-Turn - Monster Movie Part 1

22. Time - Vampire Mask

23. Yes Men - Early Halloween

24. Gajah - A Werewolf In LA

25. Lexington & Whatevski Feat. Cam The Wizzard - Bride Of Frankenstein

26. Nocando - Anne Rice

27. Delinquent Monastery - Halloween Queen 

28. Ruben Steiner & Ira Lee - Andy Warhol Vampire 

29. Nedarb Nagrom - Halloween 

Friday, September 29, 2023

New Music: Decuma - Feeding the World Serpent


I don't often do this, but it's been a really long time since I've personally done a review post and I'm finding myself especially excited about this one. Lately it's been difficult to find the time to really sit and absorb a solid hip hop album, hence the brevity of what I've been uploading and the lack of commentary on the music itself. But I wanted to go into Decuma's mind blowing trip that is Feeding the World Serpent because it really is that noteworthy, and full disclosure I haven't even finished it yet.

This album sounds nothing at all like anything else out there. It sort of straddles the line between spoken word and straight up hip hop, utilizing unconventional rhyme schemes,completely bonkers time signatures (no you won't be nodding to this anytime soon), impossible to predict composition and beatmaking, left field songwriting, cinematic orchestral sample choices crossed with Nine Inch Nails-esque discordant distortion and notably for such an abstract offering, very clever and moving lyrics.

I don't know how I originally stumbled onto this album or this artist, but I do know that weird (scratch that, EXTRAORDINARY) emcee and producer Th' Mole was kind enough to point us in Decuma's direction which gave me the impetus to actually give it a listen. He is just as stoked about it as I am, and I really wanted to spread the word as much as our humble little corner of the internet is capable of.

From the beginning this album sounds like a complete sonic clusterfuck. But be patient! The feeling of drowning in noise will ebb away as Decuma masterfully transitions the flow from field recording type spoken word pieces to straight up (well sort of) hip hop music in such a way that you won't even notice the change. That said, when they want you to notice it you will. I guess what I'm trying to say is the true genius of this album is how random and chaotic it seems right up until you realize how purposeful every note and line actually is. Take that odd percussive triangle in "An Empty Sky, a Bank of Fog". Oh wait, it's a bullet casing hitting the floor, and you're feeling it hard as you watch a young woman bleed to death as the crowd watches, indifferent.

Decuma has so much to say on topics like race, politics, growing up, spirituality... the only complaint I have, and it comes with a suggestion as well, is that it's often a struggle to make out the words. Plus I'm almost forty and my ears ain't the best anymore. Which also reminds me, this dude is 21 (!) years old and displays a mastery over music that some thirty year olds are falling short of. Anyway, for that reason and that the production is just so genius and subtle, I HIGHLY recommend this album be listened to on headphones, preferably with as little disruption from the outside world as possible. I only was able to do that a bit today, but it made all the difference.

This album is a difficult one, but another thing I find so great about it is how unashamedly art rap it is without ever seeming pretentious or deliberately unlistenable. I really think a lot of different folks could grow to like this with the proper time and effort. But that really remains to be seen. Just give it a shot, if nothing else you will agree, shit is one of a kind!

Just  be cool and listen to Feeding the World Serpent... please?

Friday, September 22, 2023

Awol One & DJ ESP - A Twisted Messiah (199?)


Apologies for the brief hiatus. Today enjoy an old gypsy rip of Awol One's and DJ ESP's "A Twisted Messiah." I know very little about this one beyond its 30 minutes of dope beats and rhymes (Mass Dog makes an appearance as well.) Enjoy!

A Twisted Messiah

Friday, September 8, 2023

Bleubird - Does Man's Short Life Span Make Sense? (Hoople) (2002)


Well, does it? A question for the ages and a cover for your nightmares. Figured this one was pretty rare, although I don't know what this guy's doing these days. Maybe making another Hurricane Party...? Fingers crossed.

Anyway you guys probably know Bleubird, crazy rapper from Florida who manages to blend comedy, art rap and mainstream style Dirty South and is even occasionally successful at it. Not gonna lie, when his music isn't good it's REALLY not good, but when it's good it's pretty damn good. He's got technical skill and a very weird sense of style. Not for everyone, but certainly a fossil worthy of our attention.

"Enjoy" Does Man's Short Life Span Make Any Sense (Hoople)!