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Friday, December 2, 2022

Dreamy Meat Cleaver - EP (2003)



Recently I was very generously given a collection of rips from the Household Nameless collective (as well as a huge selection of hip hop from the somewhat derisively termed "flyover" states.) To this charitable comrade, you know who you are, thanks!!!! And for the rest of ya'll, as per my promise going back years I will pass on anything gained from having this blog to you, our awesome readers. In that vein (Vain? Vane?), here is Dreamy Meat Cleaver!

This could not be a more interesting ensemble. We've got Babelfishh, Edison, and Samiam (as well as "Lacey" and a name written in illegible cursive that I can't decipher. Sorry if that was any of you.). It didn't take long to figure out that Samiam is Sam King, aka Lewee Regal who is absolutely dope singing or rapping with one of the most distinctive voices in the game right now. Lucky for all of us he's been working with Ceschi and Fat Mike of NOFX to put out a punk rap album that is already shaping up to be the album of the decade (save for the D.O.C.'s cringe worthy line about fingering people who probably don't want to be fingered on "Fast Ones". Damn shame too because that track is mindblowing. I'm doing my best to block that bit out.)

You can probably figure out what this is just from that list of names. It's abstract hip hop with folk punk overtones, sporting fantastic production the likes of which only Edison has ever really been capable (while that's not true it sounds good, and I do have a very high opinion of Edison's skill level as a producer).

Anyway enough from me. Enjoy!




Friday, November 25, 2022

BrokenKlutch - Promo (2002)



Happy Thanksgiving or whatever your equivalent is outside of the states. For you, today, I got this. A freebie I was given by a Discogs seller a lot of you probably know when I picked up Orphan Symphony.

BrokenKlutch is a one man New England Wu-Tang Clan (and yeah I am aware New York is New England. You know what I mean). This dudes got the mind melting spiritual raps, produces the dramatic and hypnotic beats and draws, paints with the best of them.

You know already. This promo has some cuts I'm not sure I have on any other albums. There's no track listing or anything so I can't be sure. But it's got some dope beats and rhymes, and it's incredibly difficult to get to listen to this these days. So here you go!




Friday, November 18, 2022

Dark Time Sunshine & DJ Pratt - Snob Rap Mixtape (2010)


Sorta disappointed to find out this week that I'm not immune to Covid. I went years without catching it and here we go. And it SUCKS.

So I'm just gonna throw this one out there. You know and love Onry Ozzborn. Dark Time Sunshine made one of the best art rap albums ever in Vessel and I guess this party mix was in celebration of that or something. Not sure where I got this or if it's even legit. It is certainly Oldominion dudes rapping over beats that don't sound like OD. Courtesy of DJ Pratt I assume.

Anyway take a listen, I'm gonna lie down now.




Friday, November 11, 2022

New Music: Thorts & Unsung - The Unsung Thorts EP



It's been a little while since we've heard from our good friend Thorts, but one thing you can always count on is Australia's best kept secret will find some new producer / rapper to collaborate with and make some fun and interesting sounds.

The musician in question here is Unsung. Hailing from West Virginia (according to his Bandcamp) Unsung's production style is a study in acid jazz and easy listening with some fuzzy drums and unexpected vocal samples (each interlude is spiced up with a vocal sample discussing nuclear Armageddon) thrown in to craft a psychedelic pallet upon which Thorts (and on many an occasion Unsung himself) sketch their stream of consciousness poetry and storytelling rhymes. While this album is short it is very effective at creating atmosphere through the dreamy quality of both the production and the lyrics ("Kookaburra") as well as the minimization of time between tracks, giving it a constant flow. It may be recognizing the identity of the molecule on the cover but I find this album feels more trippy than some of Thorts' work, probably due to the weird sonic quality of the production as well.

It's no secret I enjoy Thorts music. I post on his albums plenty and you can definitely click the tag to learn more background. I will say that The Unsung Thorts EP is a good offering from him that does everything I've come to expect from a Thorts release, mainly deliver a darkly comic but ultimately positive and enjoyable listening experience. It is not groundbreaking or quirky to the extreme (yep he does that too, it's called Thoel Simerville) but all parties involved deliver solid performances and I would recommend it to anyone looking for a 20 minute diversion from work, exercise, the drive home whatever. I mean come on, he's not asking for money so just get it.


Check out The Unsung Thorts EP right here right now!



Friday, November 4, 2022

Von Poe VII - Von Poe VII (2012)


Well I felt bad so here's something. I already have done a few writeups on Riverside rapper Poetic Death aka Von Poe VII so you can search the tag if you're curious about this particular artist. He's dope and has lots of great albums that are ridiculously hard to find. Goldmine for a blog like this, unless he decides he doesn't want these out there which I will of course respect.




Friday, October 28, 2022

Sequestrians - Get the Benjamins (2005)


First off, thanks for bearing with us and respecting the new Code of Chatbox. You guys are cool. Enough of that though.

Here's the album that turned me on to how amazing Backburner could really be. Over dope beats Timbuktu and Chokeules are flawless on Get the Benjamins. Not sure what prompted the release of this album as their group with Selfhelp and Psybo known as Toolshed was really taking off at this point. But in a way this LP had to happen, it sort of gives you a more straight up boom bap offering than the usual nerd / hardcore weirdness that was pre-2005 Toolshed, and it's truly impressive what these guys can put out when they focus on pure skills over concepts.

Anyway I'm tired so I'll leave it at that. Unfortunately this rip is only 192 kbps. I actually own this album and will rerip and repost it asap, but for now I wanted to share it with the imminent Swamp Thing coming soon. It's fun to do a little now vs. then type deal with these long time indie rappers.





Friday, October 21, 2022

Cauzndefx - The Marriage Contract Between a Deer & Headlights (2013)



 Happy Friday once again! First a few notes:

 I wanted to give a huge shout out to our friend Monk Sunstruck for helping to track down the cover art for Joe Rath's He Meant Well. This dude has been a solid presence on this blog for a while now and his contributions are much appreciated. Thanks Nick!

Secondly, I've noticed that our CBox is being used to promote other ventures besides our blog relating to hip hop music and I wanted to state UGF's position on this and set a few basic ground rules (obviously I can't enforce them but I pretty much think you guys are good folks and will respect them. Nothing too onerous).

UGF believes that all hip hop music, recorded and distributed publicly at any point will always deserve to be heard by those who are looking for it. We are always happy to provide whatever releases we can and I will not stand in the way of anyone who agrees with that principle helping others locate what they seek. So basically we (me I guess, I assume Trylemma agrees) are fine with you promoting your blog, your XM station, your militant hip hop commune, um your podcast (trying to keep this general lol). But please do not do any of the following on our CBox:

1. Advertise or offer services that are not free.

2. Provide music for free download that is still readily available from, and profitable for, the artist. This one is something UGF has always tried to respect and we really hope everyone else will do the same.

3. "Tease" albums. What I mean by that is, say someone on UGF requests a release. You then say, "oh I have that but to get it you need to go here". If you have it and you feel compelled to speak up about that, then please just post the link on our blog. You can then say "more great music over here" but just be a friend and help the needy!

So from this day forth, please follow the Code of Chatbox!

Okay, that's out of the way.


This next one is a great release from a rapper I found through the combination of boredom and Bandcamp. He has a huge volume of content that isn't available anymore, including this gem here. I hope he doesn't mind my sharing this because it certainly deserves the attention.

Basically we have here adult emo rap with touching lyrics, hard hitting delivery and dreamy, dusty breaks and jazz samples. But to simplify it to that degree does it a disservice. Cauzndefx is a very talented poet, and this album is particularly noteworthy for it's combination of unashamed DIY quality sound and that in your face lyrical talent. It makes it stick with you long after it ends, clearly a labor of love and the product of blood, sweat and tears.

Pretty much I wore myself out writing that CBox stuff. Just download it and listen to it, and then make sure to pick up his new shit here!