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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

New Music: Boxguts & DJ Kryptonite - Feast of the Deities

It’s Wednesday again at UGF, and I’m excited to be talking about an album from one of my favorite East Coast acts. Boxguts starts out 2019 with a bang with Feast of the Deities, following up 2018's amazing collaboration with Carmine Moth (one of my favorite rappers right now) featuring production by Il Bruto as Canopic Jars.

Feast of the Deities is his first album with DJ Kryptonite, who’s old school take on production gives the album a decidedly East Coast minimalism, reminiscent of the earliest examples of horrorcore by Gravediggaz and Non Phixion. The production is perfect for Guts' (Guts’s?) style, some of the samples are kinda nice in a dreary way but when matched up with boom bap drums and grim, disgusting wordplay the whole presentation comes off as unsettling and eerie, like watching a b-movie horror flick about murderous clowns.

Boxguts' lyrics are undeniably off the wall and nasty, but his signature inventiveness gives them a value above "gross for the sake of gross" (the line "replace your tongue with an isopod" is a great example. For those unfamiliar with these crustaceans, a quick google search for "tongue isopod" will guarantee you never eat whole fish again). I often find myself laughing out loud while feeling a bit sick when I hear his work, but always in a good way.

Dude is extremely hard working, creative as hell, DIY to the death and a really awesome dude. He's probably the most friendly and humble of the artists I've had the pleasure of corresponding with, he never fails to send a personal note of thanks when I purchase an album and will put time and thought into discussions with fans. I think he deserves way more attention than he gets, his body of both visual and musical work speaks for itself.

Get Feast of the Deities from the man himself here, with the option to buy on CD or digital. In the case of Boxguts I always highly recommend the physical versions, his bonkers bad acid trip style artwork is a sight to behold. I actually own an original painting of his, which has graced my living room in two separate apartments. Check his site out here to take some time to admire his art, or even consider picking one up for yourself. You can support a hard working artist and unsettle any house guests who refuse to GTFO when requested.

See y’all Friday!

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