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Friday, February 15, 2019

10 Cent Depozit - 5$ Limit (2003)

Happy Friday, and I hope everyone had a great week.  Today I thought I'd go with something hopefully not many out there are familiar with. 5$ Limit is the debut album from a group that hailed from Michigan called 10 Cent Depozit, a reference to the value of aluminum cans in MI (see picture). The group consisted of MC's James Gwoove, Skin Graf, Slyder, and Fritzo. I don't know much about the others but I do know that Fritzo's done a lot for the indie rap culture. You can hear his voice on a few projects, notably "Fritzo Drop" on Matre's Courage Mixtape, and a verse on "Staring Problem" from the Epedos (JKC) album Stories from the Hole in My Head. Here's a video of him talking about his tour project Bring it Back, which traveled with the late Van's Warped Tour:

So, all that being said, I find this groups work hella fun to listen to. It's very much DIY garage indie rap, with sample based hard ass beats, dope rhymes, blazing turntable work and a passion for music that shows through as an infectious energy. No idea where I got this album TBH, but I love it and hopefully you will also. Check it below:

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