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Welcome to Underground Fossils, brought to you by Dimxsk and Trylemma. The purpose of this blog is to assist in the sharing of out of print and/or rare examples of the hip hop genre. We believe that every release we post is an integral part of history and deserves to be heard by older fans as well as new seekers. We do not post or encourage the posting of anything that can be bought easily from the artist, those can be found elsewhere. Furthermore, if any artist who is featured here wishes not to share their material we will remove it immediately. Most of the rips found here were made by other people, but some of them were made by us. We are not sound engineers, so while the quality will usually be 320 kbps, they will be recorded from the source material as is. Please message us if you are an engineer and want wav files to master. Enjoy!

PS: We also want to thank all of the women and men before us who shared music in this way. Your work made our collections what they are today, and we are grateful.

Friday, November 23, 2018

First Post! (Intro)

Hello, welcome to UGF. This is the first of hopefully many posts, mostly for me to familiarize myself with the format (not a computer person) and provide an introduction to what we are about. So, like we said above this blog is about sharing underground rap that's difficult to find. Stuff we've gotten from the artist, hand to hand sites, merch tables at shows, found under couch cushions, dug out of graves at midnight etc. Our goal is a weekly post, starting with a few items including something very special that's on it's way to my hands as we speak. Use the message thing on the side to request anything in particular, or offer something. Anything from the Holy Grail list we get our hands on will also be shared.

This blog will launch formally on 1/01/19.