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Friday, March 1, 2019

Feller Quentin - I Want to be Black Kind of (2002)

Happy Friday! For today's release we've chosen to share Feller Quentin's solo rap debut I Want to be Black Kind of. Better known by his real name Tim Cohen, Feller's introduction to the rap scene was with Forest Fires Collective where he rapped under yet another pseudonym, Smif Carnivorous. FFC was a hard to pin down group of San Francisco weirdos who made indie garage rap tracks with a forest animal theme. For a group who didn't take themselves very seriously, FFC made some serious bangers, with Edison Victrola's interesting beats being a major focus.

Anyone who's familiar with the SF indie scene is probably aware of Tim Cohen, who's various musical ventures include (checking Wikipedia now... ahem) The Fresh & Onlys, Loud Fast Tools, Black Fiction, 3 Leafs, Amocoma, Beheadings, Magic Tricks, Sonny & The Sunsets, Hattattak, Window Twins and The Latter. As far as I know, only The Latter with the aforementioned Edison Victrola was a rap group, Feller's music is now primarily folk and rock based experimentation.

Anyway, I believe any fan of indie rap would find this release a real joy to listen to. We will be posting a UGF rip of The Latter's Ivorics at a later date as well, which has a similar but more polished sound, and includes some of my favorite Feller Quentin tunes. See you next week!


  1. Hi. Do you guys happen to have any of Mad Squirrel's tapes? FFC
    Thanks for all the rare stuff

  2. Sorry I've just seen they're on your request list

    1. Hey, sorry for some reason I'm not getting notified about comments I just saw these. I have Big Squirrel?

      Either way, sorry for making you wait for a response!

  3. Hi. Sorry for the late answer, I have been away for a while. I would love to hear Big Squirrel if you have the chance. Hopefully, those tapes will reach the light of day someday.

    Here's the pedestrian album from your request list, if you haven't found it already:!I2wimSYZ!WzeixFAYViI08ueRL_jJId1XdVKl-U7rtnOrcRCkx-Q

    1. Hey bro, here's Big Squirrel:!McMziYgA!Q95JIGvxOBjHjfi9xAKmzGVnv0JxIIfz17uwWaAxcPQ

      Btw if you got like 4 responses from me just ignore them,trying to reply via phone wasn't working.

      Thanks for the Pedestrian!

  4. Thanks alot man. Really appreciate it