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PS: We also want to thank all of the women and men before us who shared music in this way. Your work made our collections what they are today, and we are grateful.

Friday, October 18, 2019

Max Prime - Amateur Years (?)

Today's post is another mini-mystery release from a now mini-mystery artist.

"Amateur Years" is a project I got online sometime ago from Canada's Max Prime. I can't really find any info about when it was released, what exactly it is, or if it's even a legit release. Based on the tracks, it doesn't look like a fanmade release, however, so I chose to post it here. 

Based on the title, I'm guessing these tracks are taken from Prime's early days, though if you're a fan of Prime you'll likely find more of what you like here (and if you're not a fan, this isn't going to change your mind.) There's a lot of rappity rap raps, which I can handle and enjoy in small doses when not taken too seriously. There's also, however, a handful of weirder more fun tracks like "Ocularis" and "Cosmic Astronauts." Add-Vice, Ben.E.Elim, and Conspiracy, amongst others, stop by for verses.

If anyone has any further info about this release or any of the tracks, please let me know! Prime himself is becoming a "missing" man as he has stepped away from the music scene with little trace (leaving a note here or there to let everyone know he's ok and maybe has a couple more tracks left in him?) Enjoy! 

Wednesday, October 16, 2019

R.A.P. Ferreira Live In Seattle Review

I didn't have time to peep any new music this past week, so I thought I'd do a little mini-review of the R.A.P. Ferreira show I caught in Seattle this past Thursday.

As most of you likely know, R.A.P. Ferreira is the artist formerly known as milo and still currently also known as scallops hotel, head and part of the Ruby Yacht collective. Ferreira has put on lots of great shows (I believe this was my seventh time seeing him live,) most notably the Hellfyre tour run of 2014 and the "Who Told You To Think?!?" tour run of 2017. This was of course my first time seeing "R.A.P. Ferreira" live so I was excited!

The show's openers were AJ Suede and BB Sun, neither of whom I was too familiar with going in. AJ Suede was up first (I arrived mid-set) and put on a pretty lackluster performance imo. The songs themselves were fine and I'd be interested in hearing the studio versions of them, but his stage presence was pretty dull. It wasn't helped by the fact that he had multiple homies on stage filming him (often getting in the way) throughout or by the fact that he let his DJ do a couple of his (bad) angry scream raps.

BB Sun was up next and did a couple songs with Suede (I guess they have a duo project together?) before taking over his own set. Sun had a much better stage presence and crowd interaction. The music itself was a step up as well. He sort of reminded me of a lighthearted combination of Subtitle and Odd Future. Ferreira, from the merch booth, was definitely feeling the set. I know Sun is part of the large Thraxxhouse collective, part of which shared housing with Ferreira in L.A. at one point, so I wonder if the two knew each other well going in. Anyhow, good opening set from Sun.

I then witnessed something I don't think I've ever witnessed before...the openers ended early...very early! It took Ferreira about an hour from when Sun finished to get on stage and typically you'd blame this on the headliner, but Ferreira's timeslot seemed right on point and the openers seemed to go very short! Sun claimed to have taken mushrooms before getting on stage, so my best guess is that things were moving very slow for him and he figured he had been rapping for much longer than he actually did haha!

When Ferreira finally took the stage, accompanied by Eldon from the UK as his DJ, he put on a very solid show from front to back. I had heard that he was not going to perform anything from his "milo" catalog, which was true, but he also didn't perform a lot from his newest debut R.A.P. Ferreira tape ("The Truly Ancient And Original Lefthanded Styles Of The Hoodwinkers And Penny Pinchers") either! In fact, the only songs I recognized were "stressrunstheworld," "respectdue" and "speck." Instead, the majority of the songs seemed to be from a new upcoming full length album. This makes sense as (1) Ferreira himself noted during the show that he was just in L.A. working on a new album with Kenny Segal and (2) This tour was pretty short and scattered, much more fitting for a "test run" as opposed to a "promotional run." Ferreira also performed a couple tracks from an upcoming project with Eldon under the name "Small Acts (or Axe?)" that they had apparently just finished writing.

Despite not knowing most of the tracks (and of course longing for the oldies,) Ferreira kept myself and the fairly large crowd very engaged. I don't think the heart or spirit of Ferreira changes from milo to R.A.P. Ferreira. The general aesthetics do ring a bit distinctive to me tho. The "milo" name seems to me to be more disciplined and hard-hitting. The "scallops hotel" name seems to me to be more boundary-less and imaginative. The "R.A.P. Ferreira" name takes elements from both acts and combines them with bright melody and sound. The goals haven't changed, but Ferreira seems to be having more fun than ever carrying out his project.

The show definitely got me excited for R.A.P. Ferreira the artist and the new Kenny Segal collabo project moving forward. He ended with a reflective track entitled "Big Summer," which, upon one listen, definitely came across as one of the best Ferreira tracks I've heard yet (under any name.) Can't wait to hear the full version of that when it drops.

Ferreira has a couple more dates left on the tour in LA, San Fran, and Minneapolis. Check him out if you can!

**Random Show Highlights:**

- Ferreria stoping to say hello when he spotted us in the same restaurant before the show.

- The "The Truly Ancient and Original" cassette-only tape selling out before the show started and Ferreira joking about how we'd likely never get to hear that tape! [Luckily I had someone pick me up copies on earlier dates.]

- Ferreira taking his hoodie off and revealing his one of a kind shirt which featured the Ruby Yacht "37 Gems" album artwork on the front and back (because he loves the album so much!)

- Eldon and Ferreira reenacting the "Wazzup" scene from Scary Movie.

- Ferreira getting ready to recite the Ruby Yacht manifesto but deciding to direct people to the hotline instead.

- Lots of new new music to look forward too! [I feel like I heard some shots in a couple songs. He also mentions "Hellfyre" in one of the joints, but I didn't fully catch the context. He shouts out the great Piff James and Hommy Hom. Some solid Blowedian references too!]

Friday, October 11, 2019

Adeem - Memory Lane is Merciless (200?)

One hip hop artist I've always had a special appreciation for is Adeem, of Glue, The Dorian Three and the macro-scale 1200 Hobos. His music is always conscious and creative, plus he has the credentials to prove his contribution to the indie rap scene with two victories at Scribble Jam.

Adeem's 2011 album The Volume in the Ground is one of the albums that consistently gets play on my iTunes. Maker's production coupled with Adeem's voice, songwriting and technical ability combine to create a seriously dope listen. For those who aren't familiar, first off how is that possible, and second off I suggest starting with that album and maybe downloading this one to check out later on.

Memory Lane is Merciless is a tour album Adeem put out, I don't know when or why. It contains some remixes, live performances and unreleased songs, and is definitely something a fan would want to have. It's not his best work (not surprising as these songs were never intended to be put together in this format) but it is a rare release from a respectable rapper and firmly fits the definition of a fossil. Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 9, 2019

New Music: D-FAZ - OneNationUnderDog

Welcome to another Wednesday at UGF as our first year in operation begins to wind down! I wanted to take the opportunity to help promote an artist who I have a tremendous amount of respect for, Brzowski, and the newest album OneNationUnderDog by his band D-FAZ (check out their official website for more information here). While this was originally slated to drop on 9/18, I never did get an official announcement that it could be downloaded in full. The entire thing is up and available though and I figured maybe others who had preordered it were wondering what the deal was, or had forgotten about it and hadn't had a chance to peep it out. So I thought I'd offer my two cents on the album as well as draw some attention to it a bit after the fact as it seems it might have flown in under the radar...

The original D-FAZ EP, Abandoning (get a download of that one here) was an interesting listen. Brzowski is growing to be a very versatile poet and emcee, and with his experimentation ranging from straight up rap to metal with his other band Vinyl Cape (with C Money Burns) and fusions of the two, he's also definitely pretty fearless. D-FAZ goes in a new direction for him, blending an electronic bass music sound provided by four French production wizards with his angst ridden activist lyricism to create something engaging and new.

OneNationUnderGod tells the tale of a dystopian future, where an authoritarian surveillance state punishes free thought and incentivizes compliance. Brzowski's lyrical narrative mostly follows this story, with commentary about war, capitalism and activism, all firmly rooted in the real world as well as the world of D-FAZ's music. It's not an entirely novel concept especially in indie rap, but I have to give him points for his sincerity and energy in putting it all together (as well as his timeliness, although when in the last 50 years have messages like these been anything but timely?).

D-FAZ's instrumentalists are undoubtedly talented as well. While not being a huge fan of electronic music, I do find I enjoy the sounds they create. Their music provides a very apt landscape upon which to display the story line of the album. Bleak, eerie and anxious, a feeling of bad things coming to pass. Overall the sound is more electronic based than the EP, although there are definitely punk and metal elements to be discovered as well, and some especially noteworthy work from the percussionist. I found myself ultimately hearing a bit of the band Tool in their work on tracks like "One Nation". The songs often stretch to 5 minutes long with drum heavy breaks and knob twisting sound effects, and these musicians also have a chance to display their chops on a few instrumental tracks sprinkled here and there on the album. “Rosebud" was a beautiful example of this, although I actually felt that Brzowski could have written something amazing for it, which is unfortunate.

I did like this album a lot, however I still have to say that I prefer Brzowski's solo work or Vinyl Cape. It may just be opinion (I will always like the sounds of instruments or turntables more than the electronic stuff that seems to be huge these days), but I also felt in a few places that Brzowski's vocals didn't quite mesh with the instrumentals, and sometimes it seemed like the collaboration was a little bit forced. That's not a commentary on the skill of any parties involved, just a feeling I had that maybe the band could use some time together to work out a way to let everyone shine in every song. I recognize how difficult that probably can be in acts like this. I'm still excited to hear more from them, and I still highly recommend the album.

D-FAZ is, as stated on their website an attempt to "erase the division between I/We and the dreaded They/Them", so join Us and check it out today!

Don't be put off by the preorder flag still on the Bandcamp download, you can now purchase and download this album, in full, from the ever amazing Dora Dorovich right over here.

Friday, October 4, 2019

The Shape Shifters - Showtape (1998)

We're digging into the 90s LA underground with today's post - The Shape Shifter's "Showtape."

The product is 14 tracks from a live Shape Shifters show from 1998, the year of the Shifters' "Planet of the Shapes" and Omid's "Beneath the Surface." On top of some pretty crisp sounding performances (ripped from cassette) we get lots of hilarious banter in between tracks, including a description of what is known as a "slap your homie contest."

For the future, we have two other Shape Shifters cassette releases to post dating back to 1993 (before the likes of Awol and Circus joined the crew.) I am currently collecting some information on the releases, however, to accompany the rips so expect those before the year is up! Enjoy!

Wednesday, October 2, 2019

Trylemma's Spooky Dooky Halloween Mixtape!

With October here, I present to you "Trylemma's Spooky Dooky Halloween Mixtape!" It's a compilation of 28 tracks that I've been tweaking for the past handful of years. This is 2018's edition (no new updates this year.) Enjoy! 

1. Demune & The Mole - Brains!
2. Teenburger - Halloween Special
3. Gajah - Nightmare At 20,000 Feet
4. Cam The Wizzard - Zombie Apocalypse
5. Cleen - Monster Under The Bed
6. Buck 65 - What Are You Going To Be For Halloween
7. Jihad The Roughneck MC - Horror House
8. Elon.Is & Mercury - Halloween
9. Axiom - Immortality
10. Mega-Ran & Jermiside - Walking Dead
11. Black Mask & Gentlemen Script - Zombies
12. Onry Ozzborn & Barfly - One Man Band
13. Nolto & Dren - The Pumpkin-Lit Room
14. Antipop Consortium - Halloween In Babylon 
15. Zion I & The Grouch - Frankenstein
16. Awol One - Monster Style Party
17. Gingerbread Man - Track 2
18. Deeskee, Raj, & Spaceranger - Horror Movie
19. Wolves - Zombies
20. Dim Mak - Halloween
21. Equipto & L'Roneous - Pumpkin Patch
22. Chill Crew & Dain - Zombie Apocalypse
23. Esh & Arc - Werewolves Anonymous
24. Ecid - What Are You Gonna Be For Halloween? 
25. Jellyfish Brigade - The Werewolf Of Fever Swamp
26. Toussaint Morrison - Teen Beast
27. Ira Lee - The Black Guy Always Dies
28. Nocando & Kail - Spooky Freestyle 

Friday, September 27, 2019

Symbolic Fantasm - Foot in the Door (2000)

What is this? Can anyone tell me? I got it as a replacement for a CDr I ordered that hadn't withstood the ravages of time. It's exactly the type of release we concentrate on here at UGF, totally forgotten, mostly or totally unknown, but strangely interesting and worth preserving in digital form for the ages.

I have it on good authority (Discogs) that Symbolic Fantasm is Orbit and Snail with Thunkone on cuts and EOS on production. They are apparently from Sydney, Australia (thanks Jamie!). Foot in the Door is DIY sample based turntablist hip hop music. Garage grade mixing as well, but I happen to like this one.

Foot in the Door grew on me, it's a strange little disc and definitely worth a listen.

Hope you enjoy, and peace until next week!