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Wednesday, February 6, 2019

New Music: Jason the Argonaut - Surface Sounds

This week's new music spotlight is on Disflex6's very own cali OG Jason the Argonaut and his new beat tape, "Surface Sounds."

The Argonaut is a fine rapper, but he truly excels at production, especially of late. The man's spacey, drawn out "Headspace" beat tape (done under the name Autohyme) was one of my favorite instrumental projects of 2018.

Unlike "Headspace," "Surface Sounds" takes a more traditional approach to Hip Hop beat taping - lo-fi, dusty sample, head-nod ready beats. Though where many a beatmaker might eventually put the listener to sleep, the Argonaut succeeds, for the most part, in keeping things interesting the whole way through, which is impressive as this thing is 29 tracks long! There's lots of groovy sounds on this and the Argonaut almost always knows how to make the most of the beat and move on before things get stale.

"Surface Sounds" is free to download on Jason the Argonaut's Bandcamp and is available to purchase on cassette there as well.

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