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Welcome to Underground Fossils, brought to you by Dimxsk and Trylemma. The purpose of this blog is to assist in the sharing of out of print and/or rare examples of the hip hop genre. We believe that every release we post is an integral part of history and deserves to be heard by older fans as well as new seekers. We do not post or encourage the posting of anything that can be bought easily from the artist, those can be found elsewhere. Furthermore, if any artist who is featured here wishes not to share their material we will remove it immediately. Most of the rips found here were made by other people, but some of them were made by us. We are not sound engineers, so while the quality will usually be 320 kbps, they will be recorded from the source material as is. Please message us if you are an engineer and want wav files to master. Enjoy!

PS: We also want to thank all of the women and men before us who shared music in this way. Your work made our collections what they are today, and we are grateful.

Friday, February 1, 2019

Drunken Immortals - Live (2002)

Happy February! This marks the end of the first month of UGF, we hope you’ve enjoyed being a part of it so far, and that you know we appreciate any and all support. So with that...

It's another Friday at Underground Fossils! This week we're excited to bring you "Live" by Arizona hip hop band Drunken Immortals. I can personally say I sought this album out for years before Trylemma hooked me up. It seemed like nobody had it, and I know others were looking for it on blogs and forums all over the place.

So "Live" is not a live album per se, but contains mostly original tracks and some alternate versions of songs found on the Drunken Poetry EP and Soul Revolution albums. It is probably one of my favorite releases from Brad B; the songs are deep, intelligent and dope as hell. The beats and musicianship really prove the amazing talent this group has at creating evocative soundscapes to elevate the consciousness over.

This rip is not ours, and has no tags to let us know who's behind it, but it is high bitrate and sounds great so props to whoever. Enjoy!

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