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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Go V-Girl!

Sorry for the late post this week, we have been deliberating over what we wanted to share today. As many of you probably know already, Onry Ozzborn's young daughter Violet was diagnosed with cancer recently. Onry has reached out to his many fans and friends via a GoFundMe campaign, to ensure he and his family are taken care of during these uncertain times. We urge any of his fans who read this to contribute (if you haven't already). He may already have reached his goal but cancer can be unpredictable, and nobody deserves to wind up broke for trying to save a loved ones life.

Trylemma and I are huge fans of Onry's work. We feel that he is peerless in his sincerity, creativity and heart. His music is beautiful, and I can say personally that Vessel kept me going during difficult times.

Violet, we don't know each other personally, but UGF wishes you a quick recovery.

We'll be back on Friday with another fossil. Peace!


  1. Such a great post, I just heard about this & am also a huge greyskul /onry fan. His daughter is so beautiful and the song they made here is absolutely amazing. Sending endless prayers out to her & Onry!
    Go V girl GO!

    1. It's inspiring how quickly he managed to reach his goal on GFM. Indie fan love is real. Thanks for your comment!