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Wednesday, April 17, 2019

New Music: Gavin Theory - Somewhere I'm Not

To commemorate the seven year anniversary of Gavin Theory's death, Theory's childhood friend and Hives Inquiry Squad partner, Lucas Dix (who, at this point, is one of the best rappers OAT imo,) has gathered up and blessed us with seven unreleased tracks from Theory's old hard-drive. The result is "Somewhere I'm Not." These songs were originally made around 2006 and were meant to be part of a solo album that Theory ultimately scrapped. Luckily, we get to hear them now. 

The album is comprised mainly of metaphysical driven rhymes that have Theory searching for some higher truths and higher existence amidst the various things that the world and his own mind throw at him. These themes are complemented very well by the project's echoey eerie electronic beats. On their surface, Theory's emphasized abstract rhymes do sound a bit dated, which isn't surprising as they are from over a decade ago, and back-packy. When you consider the impact that Theory left on the NW Hip Hop scene (not to mention all the other people outside of the scene that he probably left a mark on,) however, new, more timeless, layers to his raps here start to form. The track "Spotless" is one my favorites of the year thus far. 

If you haven't heard Gavin Theory, Lucas Dix, or Hives Inquiry Squad, I would strongly recommend checking them out. They have a large catalog and are a "must-listen to" for any fans of NW Hip Hop or indie Hip Hop in general. Theory was a staple in the PDX Hip Hop scene and you can see it via reflections on his life from people like Sleep of Oldominion, Cloudy October, Josh Martinez, and Serge Severe HERE

You can stream "Somewhere I'm Not" or purchase the album for only $1.00 HERE. RIP Gavin Theory. 

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