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Friday, April 19, 2019

Myka 9 - Where Would You Be Single (2008?)

I love CD singles ("full length" singles that is) and I wish we saw them more in indie rap. It forces an artist to give you a bite sized amount of music that can't hide behind a greater album and, hopefully, you also get some exclusives that you won't be able to find elsewhere (whether it's the actual track or instrumentals/acapellas/remixes/what have you.) And best of all, they're much easier to rip than vinyl!

Today, I bring you Myka 9's "Where Would You Be" CD single. The single collects three songs from Myka 9's "Mykology" album and said songs' instrumental versions (produced by Organized Elements.) We get the homie tribute title track, the weedy "Trimmings," and the boastful "Breathing Down Your Back." Now, "Mykology" is far from my favorite Myka 9 album, and these three tracks aren't even amongst the best tracks on that album imo. Nevertheless, mediocre Myka 9 is still usually solid music and such is the case here.

Curiously, this single appears to have come out in 2008 (based on the dating on the physical covers) but "Mykology" didn't come out until 2011. I suppose this single was super early promo for the album! I'm guessing the album was pretty much wrapped in 2008, the single dropped, and then label shopping went bad or something, and the album was pushed back year after year until 2011.

Anyhow, enjoy this rarity - personally ripped by myself!

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