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Wednesday, April 10, 2019

New Music: Carnage the Executioner - Ravenous

It being my week I've decided to post a sort of Part 2 to my Friday release. As stated on my previous post, Carnage is one of my oldest favorites. I remember hearing "Coaches" and "Star Destroyer" and being an instant fan, and in my humble opinion (maybe not such a popular one) he outshone Eyedea (R.I.P.) on both. Carnage possesses not just an ability to rap at speeds that are unbelievable to behold, but the mind for clever lyrics with an interesting voice. Teenage me found his DIY looking site, copped the SWEEPS albums and the Carnology Vol. 05, but was eager for more solo work from the man.

Fast forward to 2019, and after 7 years of waiting (with the undeniably dope short albums he's offered in between) Carnage is finally ready to drop the new full length solo album Ravenous, a culmination of decades of struggle, dedication and disappointment. The last word from the man himself gives us a retail release date of 4/12, but the album is done and ready and can be purchased on tour now. Trylemma and I were lucky enough to be able to hear this gem, but for the rest of you, I'm excited to bring you the low down on Ravenous.

First off, I have to say this album is probably his most accessible. If you like good rap but haven't been able to get into Carnage's style or songwriting in the past, this album may be the tipping point for you. His ability to not just display a high level of technical skill but write and perform catchy and clever tracks has improved with each release, with Ravenous being full of single worthy bangers. Check out the video for one of my personal favorite cuts, "Not Just a Name".

This album also offers the listener an intimate glimpse into the man behind the music, with frank musings on his struggles. Carnage has always been honest ("MTW Story" from Respect the Name is a heartbreaking example of this), and on Ravenous his personal battle with food is a re-occurring theme. Carnage is a big dude but he's determined to be healthy, and his references to hunger and eating are nice metaphors for the hip hop game and his attitude towards it (and it's attitude towards him).

Also featured are a dope well produced posse cut ("The Crew-Torial") and amusing anecdotes about his interactions with his famous peers ("...Prime Yet"), but every song has something to offer. Carnage has never seemed to get the attention, accolades or fans he deserves. He's a hard working DIY musician, and also a pretty chill individual who's previous work was as a social worker. Ravenous is a worthy introduction to his solo work for the new listener, and a culmination of a career spent revering the art of music and honing his skill like a true professional for the long time fans.

Ravenous is finally here! It's dope and a fun listen for sure! See y'all Friday.

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