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Tuesday, March 5, 2019

New Music: Sach - A Zeal of Zebra

The goal of new music Wednesdays is to highlight, and drop a couple thoughts on, new music from artists from our particular little circle of indie rap. It isn't necessarily to highlight and discuss new music that we personally enjoy. We have such a case this week with Sach's new release, "A Zeal of Zebra." 

Sach, an LA Blowedian legend, experienced a sort of prolific revival a handful of years ago when he began dropping copious amounts of tunes. While the output has slightly decreased since that initial drop, he remains active and this past Sunday the man gave us the six track "A Zeal of Zebra." The project is described as "Should of, would of, if I could of, singles." While, as you'll see, I wasn't generally a fan of the music here - I am certainly glad that Sach didn't push these songs as singles! 

To start off with the positive, the track "Last Night" is indeed a single-worthy song that finds Sach, over a great sample, reminiscing on performances and writing processes of the past. It also serves as a light tribute to the great Yusef Afloat. The production and content really come together and, on top of that, Sach's schemes and flows are top rate throughout the track. 

Unfortunately, the other five tunes find no such success. "Baptist" and "Underbusting" are rather boring light-weight braggadocio based tracks that beg to be skipped. The remaining three tracks ("She's A Drum," "Girl DJ," and "Uber Nasty") are various tributes to females and while the themes differ between the tracks...all three songs are pretty corny ("Uber Nasty" borders on cringe-worthy.) The jazzy loop production, and the samples chosen, on all five of these tracks come across as quite uninspired as well and Sach himself doesn't really seem that into the songs.

Now I realize, based on the project's description, that these joints may be demos of sorts. But, speaking honestly, I'm not really sure if any brainstorming or cleaning up could have made even half of these tracks good. And, at the end of the day, we can only judge what the obviously talented man gives us. 

This is just one guy's opinion though, so peep "A Zeal of Zebra" here and let me know what you think! 

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