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PS: We also want to thank all of the women and men before us who shared music in this way. Your work made our collections what they are today, and we are grateful.

Friday, January 11, 2019

The Beat Cave (DJ Roach) & Handshake Tony (Awol One) - Demons & Angels (2012)

Before today's upload - a bit about how we are going to choose what we post. Our main "rule" is that a project will only get uploaded if it is currently unavailable for sale digitally and currently unavailable for sale, to the general public, in a physical format from the artist or a major first-hand distributor. I put "to the general public" because sometimes an artist will have a couple spare physical copies in his basement that he'll sell you if you email him personally - we don't view these cases as a hindrance to uploading. And of course, if an artist let's us know that they don't want their stuff posted - we will take any and all relevant links down.

As for rips - we will be posting lots of types of them. Dimxsk handles most of our personal rips and he is currently working on improving the sound quality of the vinyl rips that we'll be posting in the future. We will also be posting some older harder to find scene rips from yesteryear. We might also occasionally post rips from blogs that no longer exist or no longer upload (e.g. the great Ghetto Tyylit.) Finally, we will sometimes post random online rips that we've collected over the years. In any case, we will always give, to the best of our knowledge, the proper ripper/group credit for whatever rip we post.

Also, really quick - huge thanks to foob for already sending us some of the stuff on Dimxsk's wantlist! Also huge thanks to Jibs from This Is For The Hustlers and Pseu from T I L. I N F I N I T Y for giving us a shoutout. Both of those guys are obviously legends in our little scene so it means a lot.

Whew! So with all that out of the way - today's upload is 2012's "Demons & Angels" from DJ Roach and Awol One, going by the names The Beat Cave and Handshake Tony, respectively. This was a pretty lowkey release that, as far as I know, never got any sort of digital release. I also only saw physical copies available via Kunaki for a couple of months. Very little general promo as well. It's a shame because it's a great project (nothing super lo-fi) with lots of great features (Abstract Rude, Ariano, Gel Roc, Doc Lewd, Massive...) It sounds like something most casual Shapeshifter/Awol One fans would love. The Walrus does have a propensity for putting out jewels that disappear quickly though. Enjoy! [Ripped by Dimxsk.]

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