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Wednesday, January 16, 2019

New Music: Kay the Aquanaut & Maki - Earth Station 7

"Where you're going there are no bodies, just energy."

It's that time again. The stars and moon have aligned according to secret, ancient prophesies and Kay the Aquanaut has emerged from his hideout on the snowy Canadian plains to bring you another Maki produced joint. It's Wednesday again at UGF and this is Dimxsk, experiencing the new album and giving you his thoughts.

From the first track Earth Station 7 washes over the listener, with interesting sonic landscapes and thought provoking psychedelia. Kay's topics are familiar to his fans and yet stranger than ever, ranging from celestial love songs to treatises on shamanism/theology, and of course to the use of
 and reverence for psychedelics. Maki has moved away a bit from his mostly guitar and piano driven live instrumentation (see his work with soso and Nobs) to a more trap influenced sound, liberally using reverbed pads and strings to float the lyrics home.

Where Kay's previous work with Maki had a very folky feel, this album is much more spacey and electronic. I did enjoy the sound of the previous albums for their effortless uniqueness and subtle instrumentation, but this is no doubt a solid album. It is not just a remake of the duo's previous efforts which, in a world where formulas are valued, is a huge plus. Kay & Maki will never be afraid to offer the listener something new.

Get the digital album from the man himself here, as a pay what you want download. Kay's dope like that.

For an EP version plus instrumentals of some of the albums highlights check out Audio Recon's lathe cut release of the album here. Also, Hello.L.A. put out more limited edition cassettes, so no excuses for sleeping on this one!

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