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Friday, June 14, 2019

Backburner - Big Talk (2001)

Backburner is one of the largest, most prolific, and most talented crews in indie rap, no question. These days when you hear the name, you probably think punchline heavy, often light-hearted, new age boom bappers from the likes of Ghettosocks, Chokeules, More or Les, or Wordburglar. For today's post, however, we're taking things back to the beginning with 2001's "Big Talk."

"Big Talk" sounds much more experimental than Backburner's more modern releases like "Heatwave" and "Eclipse." This is likely due partly to the time period and partly to the fact that Thesis Sahib, MF Deluxe, and Dexter Doolittle play large roles in the album. Instead of the heavy multis and punches that fall right into pocket, we get more abstract rhymes and melodic deliveries. There's still some boom bap thrown in the mix tho!

Download below (the rip is an old FTD one) and enjoy this oldie! 

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