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Wednesday, May 29, 2019

New Music: Northwest Survey

There's been a handful of interesting Northwest projects that have dropped during the past month that are worth discussing. I figured I'd briefly tackle five of them today!

1. Mic Capes - Cold Blooded, Vol. 1: Capes brings some great energetic bars and deliveries on this tape. It'll definitely get the head nodding. I'm not a huge fan of the colder trappy beats, but Mic really takes control of nearly all of the songs and makes sure that his voice is the star of the show. It would be interesting to hear Capes over some, say, SmokeM2D6 production tho. Peep HERE.

2. ePP - There's A Place for People Like You: It's very cool to see ePP back in full action - and he returns with a very good vibey album. The man's crisp style of rapping (and singing) really comes across well over the collection of chilled beats on here. The content itself isn't groundbreaking, but the moods more than make up for this. Peep HERE.

3. Libretto & Buscrates - Eternal Ridin': This is pretty much what you'd expect from Libretto at this point - standard boom bappy rhymes over standard boom bappy beats (from Buscrates.) Not really my thing. Libretto's voice and general lightheartedness, however, still give him a slight edge over certain other rappers who long for previous decades. Peep HERE.

4. Knowmads - Rain on Your Parade: Like many Knowmads projects, this album has some good easygoing production and some fun hooks. The Toms' rapping, however, is still a bit of a roadblock at times. On some songs, the guys will fall right into pocket lyrically-speaking. Other times, however, they really force their punchlines and multis, which causes some awkward moments. Peep HERE.

5. Prometheus Brown - Tagsibol: This is Geologic's solo debut on Beatrock and it's easily the best of the bunch! Geo's combination of nostalgic reflective rhymes and down to earth socio-political rhymes continues to be more than impressive. The beats on here are equally amazing. There's only 3 tracks to chew on, but apparently he has plans to drop several more EPs on the label before the year is up! Peep HERE.

[Thank you to realybe for hooking Dimxsk up with "Falsehopes2."]

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